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The Showroom Interior Solutions works diligently to ensure that a highly positive customer experience is delivered consistently for each of our Olympia home decor products. We offer a diverse and experienced background in residential interior solutions.

This unique blend has allowed us to formulate an approach to interior solutions services based on the best qualities from all areas: attention to detail, appreciation and understanding of the highest standards of quality products, and recognition of the personal involvement needed for truly exceptional interior solutions service.

Our high standards for quality materials radiates from the top down. We will sacrifice little and compromise nothing to meet your expectations. Give us a call today, we would love to put our experience to work for you.

John “Sully” Sullivan
Owner & Founder

John “Sully” Sullivan is the owner and founder of The Showroom Interior Solutions. He has been in the interior finish business since 1988, after a transition from years of developing and building restaurants. Altogether, he has over 30 years of experience across multiple aspects of the industry.

In his own words, Sully’s philosophy and vision for The Showroom is that “We’re here to facilitate people rather than to sell. We’re not here to fulfill our dreams, we’re here to fulfill your dreams and guide you through that process.”

Some may have experienced remodeling or new construction multiple times, he says, but others may have no experience at all. “Our main job is to listen to what the customers are saying and help them seamlessly combine the spectrum of choices in a way that delivers a delightful home at the end of the project.”

Sully really enjoys connecting with people and working with teams that “pull off a project and fine tune everything so it all lines up. That’s where real satisfaction comes from, when you’ve worked through all of those little details. By the end of the project, we’ve been on an adventure together – the client, our team… all of us. That’s the fun part.”

In his spare time, Sully enjoys spending quality time with family and playing with his grandchildren.

Deanna Edwards
Project Manager | Design

Deanna is our Designer/Project Manager and brings a wealth of interior design and kitchen related experience.

Before moving her career into commercial, business and residential kitchen design 8 years ago, Deanna spent years in the big event catering industry (e.g. Kentucky Derby, Fort Knox KY Officer’s Wives Club and weddings) accumulating a deep understanding of how design and functionality can be combined to deliver optimal kitchens of any size.

Deanna has been involved in the kitchen design industry since 2011 and switched her focus more specifically to complete kitchen remodels in 2015, working with clients as a project manager throughout every remodel.

In her spare time, Deanna is a mother of two spending most of her time between Taekwondo, choir and other school activities, when she is not exploring Washington and Oregon with her children and husband.

Of course, Deanna also loves spending time in the heart of their home, continuing a long-standing tradition of family cooking and gathering.

Libby Glover
Office Administrator

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