Cabinets by Bellmont

The Showroom Interior Solutions is proud to announce that we continue to feature the Bellmont Cabinet Company‘s line of kitchen and bathroom cabinets for Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, and Thurston County area homeowners. Bellmont Cabinet provides the best experience for frameless, stylish, and functional cabinets. Bellmont cabinets are built with decades of daily use in mind and also offer cabinetry designs that Puget Sound homeowners have proven to love. The Bellmont Cabinet Company continues to perfect its manufacturing process as it has for over thirty years. Homes with Bellmont Cabinets prove to have lasting value and beauty added to their home.

Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen cabinets for your home, you will want to choose the longest-lasting and highest-quality kitchen cabinetry for your Olympia or Thurston County home. Bellmont kitchen cabinets offer European-style cabinet sets crafted right here in America that is designed to give you the best value in kitchen cabinets. Homes choosing to install kitchen cabinets by Bellmont Cabinet Company will also benefit from luxurious cabinet installation with a variety of options like door styles, materials, and finish options.

The remodeling of your kitchen to include frameless cabinets will help to boost your options. Frameless cabinet sets offer more usable space in the same box size, giving them more efficient usage. In addition, they include soft-close under-mount guides to ensure the smoothest and quietest experience possible. Abundant space, more organization options, and comfortable interior access are all guaranteed with Bellmont cabinets.

When choosing Bellemont kitchen cabinets for your Olympia area kitchen remodeling project, you get both the best quality cabinet materials and peace of mind knowing that Bellmont Cabinet Company’s reputation and high-quality craftsmanship are matched by no other cabinet maker. Everyone is entitled to efficient kitchen cabinets that inspire them, and these cabinets can deliver that. Whether you have a more refined taste or would like to go bold, The Showroom Interior Solutions can help to tailor any cabinet design that suits your needs. It is essential to feel like you are cozy at home, and Bellmont Cabinet’s craftsmanship will assist with that.

Wood or metal, you can’t go wrong with Bellmont kitchen cabinet sets. Their new Soft-Touch Laminate is a perfect option for almost any Olympia or other Thurston County area family home. With fingerprint and scratch-resistant technology, this soft and silky cabinet exterior is an ideal alternative to Walnut or Oak veneers. Constructed with every millimeter in mind, your Bellmont kitchen cabinet series guarantees slim gaps, clean lines, and seamless edges. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, Bellmont Cabinet Company is the kitchen cabinet you should consider and trust.

Stretching from entry-level cabinets, the 1300/1600 Series, all the way up to their top-tier cabinet lineup, the VERO series, we can ensure the quality all the way through. Being on a budget is not a problem, as Bellmont Cabinet offers the best options in all price ranges. The lesser-cost Bellmont Cabinet lineups are still built with the same quality craftsmanship guaranteed. Combining value and ergonomics without compromising design or quality. Bellmont Cabinet also offers a PET film for their 1300 Series, created from 100% recycled plastic bottles. We can promise that saving the environment never looked this good.

A kitchen remodel can also guarantee to make your home feel fresh again. When it comes to spending multiple hours each week in your home’s kitchen, it is essential to be happy and comfortable. With frameless cabinets designed with organization in mind, your work will be much smoother. Easy, quick access with our unique cabinet features and technology will make cooking more convenient, and more fun too.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bellmont Cabinet Company also offers its bathroom cabinet lineups for bathroom remodeling. Storage is one of the most important features of that room. Many homeowners will overlook the importance of the cabinets used in their homes. The bathroom is where you can enhance the theme of your home while providing better storage solutions. Whichever style cabinet or color you choose, quality remains the absolute priority. One of the easiest ways to impress guests indirectly and show them your style is by upgrading your bathroom cabinets.

Bathrooms are rooms used daily by everyone in the home. With so much usage, it is essential to have your cabinetry be as functional as possible. Bellmont Cabinet offers the storage options and accessories that you require in the home. Essential to giving your house a consistent feel, no one will feel indifferent about entering a beautifully themed bathroom. Keeping practicality is important, as a cluttered countertop is not pleasing to the eye. The installation of Bellmont bathroom cabinets will help with that storage problem. Keeping your washroom clean will please the minds of anyone who enters.

An important aspect to consider when choosing cabinets is to consider both the construction and materials used. Many modern bathrooms use wood to give a more traditional look, but Bellmont Cabinet Company also offers metal frames, plastic exteriors, and even glass door alternatives. These are sometimes referred to as wood styles as they can give a more contemporary look and can be wiped down more easily. Choosing the right material and design for your new cabinetry is essential for your home.

A new feature to consider for your next remodel is Bellmont Cabinet’s new Antibacterial surfaces. Offered in our new textured laminate and soft-touch laminate surfaces, our antibacterial surfaces are made with antibacterial properties. By attracting bacteria to the cabinet, we can block their cell reproduction to keep unwanted outbreaks from occurring. This is an extremely useful feature to have in your home bathroom, as the bacterial build-up can be immense. The prevention of bacterial outbreaks could very well keep you and your family safe.

It’s time to give your house a personality. Our first lineup is the Bellmont Cabinet Company 1300 Series which is an easy way to stay on-trend and budget. The Bellmont 1600 Series also offers an affordable and elegant solution for drawer space and storage solutions. Next up, is the 1900 Series and the most diverse Bellmont cabinet lineup. The 1900 series can get you the sophisticated look you desire, from metal frames, glass panels, or standard and exotic wood material. Last up, the VERO series is the epitome of true European design. Based on minimalist Italian design, this is the lineup to choose for a luxurious look.

Giving your Olympia or other Thurston County WA area home, an Artisan look has never been easier. We offer unique colors and handcrafted touches that will give your bathroom a breathtaking quality. Our Bellmont Cabinet lineup has multiple layers of primers and topcoats that are not only extremely durable but also eco-friendly. Our cabinets also have a multi-step hand-applied process for stains and varnish. From newer modern cabinets to rustic looks with the feel of heirloom furniture. The Showroom Interior Solutions can make any vision happen. Our team will take a look at your home and determine the best custom-fit cabinets. Consistency across your home theme can be amplified by getting cabinets that beautifully fit the theme of your home.

If you are looking to add cabinets to your Olympia, or other Thurston County area home, contact The Showroom Interior Solutions design team today!