In this article, The Showroom Interior Solutions home design experts provide help in choosing the right flooring for your Olympia area home.

You want to have a beautiful home inside and out, and that is easier and most likely more cost-effective for you in the long run when working with an Olympia area home décor specialist. Our home decor design specialists can help you get a better understanding of the things that you can do in your home to get the look and functionality you are looking for. One of the areas that you will have to think about carefully, as it can affect the rest of your home décor, is your choice of flooring. Getting the right interior flooring in Olympia, WA can make a difference in the way your entire home looks and feels. You will find a wealth of options available when it comes to your interior flooring.

Of course, with all of the options for interior flooring, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know which option you should choose for the different rooms of the house. Both kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring are likely going to be different than the flooring found in the rest of your Olympia home. It’s a good idea to first look at the various types of flooring and then start to consider which options will be best for the kitchen flooring and the other interior flooring in your home. Let’s take a better look at some of your flooring options and where they might work best in your home.

Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Hardwood interior flooring is one of the most popular options for floors, for a range of reasons. It is aesthetically pleasing, and you can choose from a range of different types of wood for the flooring of your Olympia, WA home. It provides the home with a truly classic look and feel, and it is always a stylish option to consider.

There are plenty of other benefits to using hardwood floors, as well. One of the reasons that many people are choosing this option for interior flooring is because it is eco-friendly. It provides a natural appearance with a range of shades and woods, and the grains in the wood ensure that each floor is unique. While hardwood is likely not the ideal choice for bathroom flooring, it can work well in many areas of the house.
Of course, using real hardwood interior flooring is costlier than other options that are on the market. However, the look, the feel, and the design often make the extra expense worth it for many homebuyers. Hardwood flooring is certainly worth considering for most flooring projects in Olympia, WA.

Great Options with Laminate Floors

Using laminate for floors is another option to consider. While laminate is still relatively new when compared with other types of flooring, it is a very good option for many cases. Laminate floors work well for those who have pets or kids since it is easy to keep clean. The flooring tends to be simple to install even if you are doing it on your own. There are many different styles and colors available, and it is possible to find designs that can work very well for bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring, and more.

When you choose quality laminate interior flooring, you will find that it can last for a number of years without worry. The average lifespan of the flooring is between 15 and 25 years. Good laminate flooring for your Olympia, WA home will generally have a lifespan on the higher end of the spectrum.

Vinyl Floors Are Affordable and Attractive

Vinyl floors are another good option to consider for your interior flooring. It can work well as kitchen flooring, as well as bathroom flooring since it is water-resistant. It has been used for decades and it has a number of benefits. You will find that vinyl flooring is easy to keep clean and maintain, and you will find that there is a range of different colors and styles from which you can choose. You can even find vinyl that looks like stone or hardwood without the added cost. It is also relatively easy to install.

There are not many drawbacks to using vinyl, but it is important to note that it can be scratched and if it is in the sun, it could fade over time. Those who are on a budget and who want interior flooring that will work with the rest of their décor will find quite a few options with vinyl.

Stone Floors Have a Classic Look and Feel

If you are looking for floors that can make a real statement, you might want to consider stone. It is one of the oldest types of flooring and it still is in use because it looks great and can work with many different aesthetic styles. You will find that stone floors can be used for just about any room in the house. If you want to have interior flooring stone for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or even the bedrooms, it can work well.

There are a number of different types of stone options available, as well. For example, you could opt for granite or slate. Stone floors have the capability to last for a very long time without needing repairs or replacement and they are easy to keep looking great for many years to come. Stone is typically more expensive than some of the other types of flooring, such as laminate, but you should be able to find an option that can fit your budget.

Tile Floors Offer Many Options

Tile flooring in Olympia, WA is another option to consider for your home. Tile for bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring is very common today and with good reason. Tile floors are able to stand up to a lot of traffic, they are easy to keep clean and look great, and they are water-resistant. However, they can be slippery when wet if the tiles are too smooth. Those areas in the home that can get wet, such as the bathroom, should have tiles that are textured to prevent slipping.
When it comes to your interior décor, you will be happy to know that there are many interesting styles and options available with tile. It’s possible to find a range of colors and designs to meet your design needs.

Concrete Floors Are Becoming Popular

Concrete has become a very popular flooring option because it tends to be affordable and it can look fantastic. One of the great things about concrete is that it can be created to mimic many other types of floor including marble, stone, or even brick. There are countless options available, which means that no matter what type of design you want for your home, concrete can be a great choice for your flooring in Olympia, WA.

Concrete interior flooring can work well for many areas of the house, as well, similar to how stone is so usable. Bathroom flooring and kitchen flooring as concrete can work very well. Just make sure the flooring is properly sealed to keep it easy to clean. In addition, for the bathroom flooring, you might want to consider adding texture to the surface, so it doesn’t become slippery when wet.

Find Your Flooring Today

There are many options for flooring in Olympia, WA, and now that you have a better idea of the flooring options and how well they could work with different parts of your home, you can make an informed decision. If you are still wondering what your kitchen flooring or bathroom flooring should be based on other elements in your home, call The Showroom Interior Solutions and talk with one of our professional designers to get a better idea. Most homeowners will have a good idea of what they want from an aesthetic perspective, though, and can make their choice about hardwood, tiles, stone options, and others for their interior flooring. Great interior flooring can make all the difference to your Olympia area home decor.