Bathroom Remodeling Olympia – Transform Your Bathroom

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Remodeling an Olympia Bathroom? Or maybe you are just considering a bathroom remodel? The bathroom is a vital part of your home, and it should be treated as such. Transforming this space into your own luxurious retreat can be an exciting endeavor to envision. Remodel your master bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary for unwinding with an Olympia bathroom remodeling. Achieve a harmonious balance between style and functionality, and elevate your bathroom from a purely practical [...]

Olympia Remodeling & Cabinets Olympia WA

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Cabinets and premier Cabinetry are what you'll find at The Showroom Interior Solutions. We are the Olympia area's home design and home décor product specialists, serving homeowners in Olympia and surrounding Thurston County areas.  If you are planning an interior home remodeling, you're more than likely looking to change something with your cabinets, countertops, or flooring. We are dedicated to helping you to find the best solution for any three of those home interior décor products. [...]

Cabinets Olympia WA: Looking for Cabinets in Olympia, WA? Contact The Olympia Cabinet Experts at The Showroom Interior Solutions for premier Cabinets – Better Cabinetry Olympia WA

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The Showroom Interior Solutions is the premier destination for Olympia cabinets. Whether it's new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, if you live in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, or elsewhere in the surrounding Thurston County area, The Showroom Interior Solutions is the place where Olympia and the surrounding areas love to shop for quality designed cabinetry. The Showroom Interior Solutions team of design experts have an in-depth understanding of how important it is to choose a cabinet [...]

Why Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

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Your kitchen cabinets are incredibly important when it comes to functionality, as well as the aesthetics of the kitchen. While you can certainly opt for basic cabinets from your local big-box store, custom kitchen cabinets from The Showroom Interior Solutions are a superior option. Why Custom Cabinets? There are quite a few reasons to choose the custom cabinet route. One of those should be obvious – you get a customized cabinet solution that matches your [...]

A Detailed Look at Types of Interior Flooring

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In this article, The Showroom Interior Solutions home design experts provide help in choosing the right flooring for your Olympia area home. You want to have a beautiful home inside and out, and that is easier and most likely more cost-effective for you in the long run when working with an Olympia area home décor specialist. Our home decor design specialists can help you get a better understanding of the things that you can do [...]

Buying and Installing Hardwood Floors: The Complete Guide

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Customers of The Showroom Interior Solutions almost always include questions about flooring, flooring design, and their own unique best flooring material options for select areas of their homes. That’s because your choice of flooring and finishing can be one of the biggest decisions you make when remodeling your home. Different flooring and finishing types can literally change the way that your Olympia area home looks and feels. Add carpet, for instance, and your home can [...]

Increasing Home Value With Kitchen Renovation – Olympia, WA

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Renovating your kitchen cannot only help sell your home, it can significantly increase its value. It is obvious that anyone on the market to sell their home will want to maximize the value they get for their asset. Spending money to renovate a kitchen is a sound investment in growing the value of a home before putting it on the market. There is a lot of information that supports this concept online and industry experts agree [...]

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel – Olympia, WA

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The Perlot family’s contemporary kitchen remodel was spurred on by a very damaging dishwasher water leak.  After lodging an insurance claim, the homeowners worked with The Showroom Interior Solutions to redesign their 20 year old kitchen. Kim and John from The Showroom Interior Solutions assisted the Perlot’s with their kitchen redesign and developed a seriously durable and modern kitchen arrangement, incorporating traditional and contemporary looks to accommodate the family’s aesthetic, cooking and entertaining [...]

Bellmont Cabinets @ The Showroom

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The Showroom Interior Solutions is pleased to showcase premier kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and the extensive range of Bellmont Cabinets.  Bellmont is based in Washington State and is a family-owned cabinet manufacturer that has been in operation for over 30 years. From the very beginning, Bellmont has been dedicated to product innovation, timeless trendsetting styles, and functionality that consistently meets the contemporary needs of our [...]

The New Showroom Is Open!

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The Showroom Interior Solutions team is excited and ready to welcome you at their new location. Come for a visit, have a look around and get inspired, or bring your project ideas and let The Showroom Interior Solutions experience begin. Choosing The Showroom Interior Solutions is synonymous with peace of mind and the assurance that your project will be managed with care, by experts who stand for quality and exceptional service. [...]