Consider new cabinets when wanting to freshen up your Olympia area home. COVID which has made us all stay home more often than usual may also provided some pretty good reasons to consider a welcome change to your home and help you to reenergize! Now maybe the perfect time to install or replace your bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, or both! Without needing to knock down walls and create a new layout, you can simply replace your cabinets and get that remodeled look at a fraction of the work and price. The Showroom Interior Solutions is committed to helping residents of Olympia achieve the style they dreamed for their Olympia home! We offer one of the premier selections in Olympia cabinets.

Replacing your Cabinets

How do you know it’s time to replace your cabinets? If you look at your current bathroom or kitchen and your cabinets look dated, scuffed, or damaged, it might be time to get a new set. The Showroom Interior Solutions offers a variety of styles and finishes for both kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. Great-looking cabinets are essential when the rooms they are in are used daily. Bathroom cabinets are looked at multiple times every day by everyone in your Olympia home, so it’s wise to make them look pleasing to the eye.

Our options for cabinets include Custom, Semi-custom, Stock, and Ready-To-Assemble cabinets with options for framed and frameless cabinets. No matter how big or small your budget, The Showroom will offer the best options for your situation. After picking your type of cabinet and its frame construction, we then talk about style. Matching your current home is vital, and our experts at The Showroom will offer their critique for what looks best.

Aesthetic and Storage Functionality

One of the easiest ways to increase storage in your home is by adding cabinets into your bathroom. There can be a lot of empty space in a bathroom, and you can take up that space by installing cabinets in your bathroom and increasing storage options for yourself. Most bathrooms have minimal storage options or a tiny and poorly constructed cabinet. Do you and your guests some just with increased storage, allowing people to be organized and happy.
Not only are cabinets necessary functionally, but they offer an aesthetic purpose too. In some homes, the colors of your them can directly dictate how you decorate the rest of the room. They have the power to add that “wow factor”, and you can take advantage of it with the style of your home. Guests will be wondering how they can style their home after taking inspiration from yours. Leaving an impression on guests gives them a unique value to your home that they will remember.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Cabinets

Upgrading your current cabinets might not seem like it’s necessary, but there are many advantages on why you should. The first one is if they are old and dated. Not only do they not function properly anymore, but they don’t fit in with the current trends. Our experts at The Showroom know the hottest trends for today and will guide you in the right direction. Another reason to upgrade is to get the higher quality cabinets you deserve. Depending on your home contractor, they may have skimped on your cabinet’s building materials to cut corners and costs. If so, we advise you to upgrade to the full potential of what you can get from your home’s cabinets.

Upgrading and replacing your cabinets will also boost the value of your home. Think of them as an investment to your house, especially custom cabinets that boost your home’s value by a significant amount. Getting a full-on kitchen or bathroom remodel is the most optimal, but new cabinets will easily gain you that fresh advantage. It’s important to contact The Showroom Interior Solutions for the best quality custom cabinets for your Olympia home!

Quality Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Cabinetry

You pay for quality when you shop for cabinets with The Showroom Interior Solutions. We offer the highest quality, longest-lasting cabinets in the Olympia area. Cabinets that look great but don’t function well aren’t good quality. The Showroom prides itself in its long-lasting cabinets that offer the best functionality you can get from a cabinet, all while looking stylish. Sometimes, a new layout or appliance calls for a new cabinet layout in your bathroom or kitchen. Get the perfectly matching cabinets for your new setup rooms in your Olympia home.

All in all, one of the easiest ways an Olympia area homeowner can spice up their home is by installing brand new cabinets from The Showroom Interior Solutions! Contact us today and speak to our team of cabinet design experts. They will guide you down the correct path in choosing the right cabinets for your unique home!