Cabinets and premier Cabinetry are what you’ll find at The Showroom Interior Solutions. We are the Olympia area’s home design and home décor product specialists, serving homeowners in Olympia and surrounding Thurston County areas. 

If you are planning an interior home remodeling, you’re more than likely looking to change something with your cabinets, countertops, or flooring. We are dedicated to helping you to find the best solution for any three of those home interior décor products. We provide top-notch craftsmanship with the best quality home décor products for long-lasting home remodeling or home renovation. Performing new home construction, remodeling, or home renovation can also increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell.


Cabinets & Cabinetry – Remodeling, Renovation, New Construction

Are you searching online for “kitchen cabinets near me” or maybe, “kitchen cabinets Olympia”? Kitchen cabinetry is an important consideration when planning a home remodeling or home renovation. Not only for their storage functionality but also for your kitchen’s aesthetics. Well-built and properly finished cabinetry that matches the interior of your home can really wrap everything together. In addition, ease of access with plenty of storage space is vital for any set of Olympia kitchen cabinets. 

One option in your choice of kitchen cabinets is to have a set of custom kitchen cabinets built to align with your unique cabinet needs. You will have ultimate control over every element of your new kitchen cabinets. If the custom route isn’t the way, then we also offer sets of kitchen cabinets from trusted manufacturers, like Bellmont Cabinet Co. offering a selection of cabinetry filled with a plethora of options that will also fit almost any style of home interior. With The Showroom Interior Solutions team of home decor specialists, we can guarantee that you will find the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. 

If your planning a home remodeling or renovation that includes a bathroom, The Showroom Interior Solutions also provides premier bathroom cabinets. A good-looking bathroom can be an afterthought, but it’s a great way to spice up your home and impress guests with proper cabinetry that matches. Storage in the bathroom is also a necessity, as you don’t want a bathroom countertop with items sprawled all over it when they could be in your cabinets. A tidy and well-put-together bathroom can also be more sanitary for you, your family, friends, and any guests who use it. One important note is that items stored in bathroom cabinets are more protected from any of the germs living in your bathroom.

Stop searching for “cabinets near me” and simply contact the premiere Olympia cabinetry offered by, The Showroom Interior Solutions. 


You don’t realize how much you look down at your floor when clashes with your home. Having every element in your home interior working with a theme is vital, but so is working with an Olympia area flooring company. The Showroom Interior Solutions can save you money in the long run while using the highest-quality materials that last. The best materials are vital for your flooring, as everyone walking over it every day can quickly wear your flooring down.

Our flooring selection is vast and contains everything you will need for your home. Our selection of flooring includes hardwood, laminate, vinyl, stone, tile, and concrete. Each one has its own pros and cons, but our team of flooring experts can guide you to what is best for your home both visually and functionally. For example, concrete flooring is a fantastic budget option while also looking fantastic in certain homes and interiors. Great interior flooring can make all the difference visually in your home. 


Choosing the proper countertop can stress out many Olympia homeowners. The kitchen is an essential room in every house, and the countertop can easily leave friends and guests talking. Big decisions like these are more like investments because they will be around for a long time and positively affect the value of your home. Contacting The Showroom Interior Solutions is your best option for cabinets and countertops to match your kitchen. Our experts can recommend what is best for your kitchen and its setup. 

Do you happen to Google “countertops near me”? If so, Showroom Interior Solutions can find your perfect countertop guaranteed. Our selection offers a variety of colors, patterns, and materials so you can find what you love. From solid surfaces, quartz, natural stone, granite, marble, limestone, and soapstone, to wood, we are confident about finding your perfect kitchen countertop.

Home Remodeling

Consider an interior remodel of your home if it has been over 15 or 20 years since the last one. That is plenty of time for the home interior design tastes to change or materials and trends to update. Our team of design specialists can evaluate your home and work with you to plan your home’s perfect remodel or home renovation. Matching your desired home theme, our team will recommend cabinets, countertops, and flooring from the best manufacturers and can be built and installed by our trained team of professionals or your choice of Olympia remodeling contractor. 

When shopping with The Showroom Interior Solutions, you pay for quality and you will receive quality home décor products. We pride ourselves on our work, including our long-lasting and built-for-perfection kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and countertops. Contact us today and speak with our team of experienced design experts. Let us help to make your Olympia area home remodeling project a huge success.