Your kitchen cabinets are incredibly important when it comes to functionality, as well as the aesthetics of the kitchen. While you can certainly opt for basic cabinets from your local big-box store, custom kitchen cabinets from The Showroom Interior Solutions are a superior option.

Why Custom Cabinets?

There are quite a few reasons to choose the custom cabinet route. One of those should be obvious – you get a customized cabinet solution that matches your home and your lifestyle. You can customize the door types, number of shelves, types of wood, and more. You can also opt for upgrades or changes to the layout molding the space into the kitchen of your dreams.


Prefer painted kitchen cabinets to natural wood? Not a problem. With the custom approach, you can get exactly the finish that appeals to you, whether you’re a fan of sleek modernism or prefer something that would be more at home in a rustic log cabin, your choice of custom cabinetry can be created.


Finally, custom kitchen cabinets offer super quality in comparison with mass-produced options. Made with solid wood and high-quality materials, your cabinets will still look great decades after they are installed, offering the durability and return on investment that you want to see.


Of course, the kitchen is only one aspect of home remodeling. You might also consider replacing the flooring, revamping the bathrooms, and making other home improvements to help ensure that your home fits you and your family like a glove.


We offer so much more than exceptional kitchen design and kitchen cabinets. Whether you are designing for the construction of a new home or remodeling your current Olympia area home, the Showroom Interior Solutions continues to offer Thurston County homeowners with exceptional interior solutions, products, and services.


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