Interested in what flooring design trends are on the horizon here in Olympia? Showroom Interior Solutions is happy to share what they feel the near future will bring with these predictions; the following flooring styles will most likely be showing up in Olympia area homes and across Thurston County too.

This is set to be the year of luxury, and the color palette choices and textures of wood flooring options will reflect it. Overall, the trends seem to be leaning on the cooler side of the color spectrum, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any warmth to be found. Get ready to see what the latest trends are going to bring, and what flooring choices you are going to see popping up again and again, in Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater, area homes.

Innovative Flooring

The thoughts about flooring trends are focused on innovation. While Olympia flooring goals will definitely be all about the luxury, designers are looking for innovative products that are stylish while still offering long-lasting materials. Flooring needs to be able to last for years to come because it isn’t as easy to switch out as your summer wardrobe, but it still needs to look on-trend.

Exotic Wood Flooring

Homeowners want beautiful, but they don’t want ordinary. The flooring options are ready to step up and take center stage in the home decor arena. Many designers are choosing exotic but sustainable woods, and that means you may see homes in Tumwater with flooring choices ranging from Brazilian Cherry to Teak.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwoods bring so many benefits to homeowners because they can really be long-lasting if they are well-maintained and cared for. Due to this fantastic longevity, engineered hardwood continues to be one of the most requested flooring options year in and year out. Also, since floating flooring can be installed on top of almost any type of subflooring, it can easily be added to any Olympia area home.

Wide and Rustic Flooring

The long, wide and rustic planks of the farmhouse style are still going strong as a flooring choice. Designers are using reclaimed materials to give homeowners the look they desire while still maintaining the green lifestyle that so many people crave. This look has been steadily increasing in popularity since 2012, and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Gray Flooring

The gray driftwood look is also a popular flooring choice. Gray wooden planks are a very popular choice in kitchen designs, probably because they pair so well with stainless steel appliances and subway tile backsplashes. There are even tile flooring options that very closely mimic the look of the driftwood gray wooden planks. The tile is an excellent choice for high traffic areas or those that are prone to water spillage, like the bathroom.

Deep and Dark Flooring

Those that are looking to expand on the luxurious feel we were discussing earlier are generally opting for a deep, dark color in their hardwood or vinyl flooring options. Dark browns and even ebony flooring options can be found gracing design blogs and Pinterest flooring boards. The dark floors match well with many different design options including rustic, farmhouse, modern, and even eclectic design styles.

Stenciled Tiles

For those that are into the chic boho, farmhouse, and eclectic styles, stenciled vintage looking tiles are definitely a trending style. The black, white, and gray designs pair perfectly with shiplap, marble tile, or even wainscoting. There is a multitude of tile designs that can be found, adding a bit of whimsy to your bathroom decor.


Edgy and industrial is still a popular choice for many homeowners, and concrete flooring is the most popular flooring choice for those that want something unique. Concrete can be made to fit into any home design and is extremely durable.

Matte Tiles

Another bathroom favorite is the matte tiled flooring instead of glossier versions that have been popular in years past. This is likely due to the fact that matte is much easier to maintain as it doesn’t seem to show as many watermarks or dirt which keeps your bathroom floors looking clean for longer periods.

Olympia Flooring Needs

For homeowners in the Olympia Washington area that are searching for new flooring, whether you are renovating or opting for new construction, Showroom Interior Solutions has the styles and flooring options that you want. With over 35 years of experience, we know the local housing market and are intimately experienced with the architectural designs that abound in Olympia, Lacey, and all of Thurston County. Our range of flooring products and extremely knowledgeable staff are able to meet all of your home decor design wants and needs.

Whatever your design preferences, our flooring professionals will help you to find the perfect wood, tile, or carpet flooring choice from a manufacturer that you can trust.